Multi-effect falling film evaporator

Industrial falling film evaporator

Dates, litchi, longan sorting line

Salt falling film evaporator

Brine falling film evaporator

Carrots production line

Double-effect Falling Film Evaporator

Triple- Effect Falling Film Evaporator

Four-effect Falling Film Evaporator

Stainless Steel Tank

Three-effect Continuous Crystallization Evaporator

Four-effect Continuous Crystallization Evaporator

Five-effect Continuous Crystallization Evaporator

Forced Circulation Evaporator

Multi-effect Forced Circulation Evaporator

Four-effect Sodium Chloride crystallizer

Four-effect Forced Circulation Evaporator

Three-effect Sodium Chloride Evaporator

Sodium Chloride Evaporator

Orange juice processing line

Automatic Control three-effect Falling Film Evaporator

Peach and apricot processing line

Five-effect Forced Circulation Evaporator

Tomato Paste Evaporator

MVR Mechanical Recompression Evaporator

Vacuum Pressure Reduction Concentration Tank

Double-effect Concentrator

Spherical Concentrator

Multi-functional Alcohol Recycling Concentrator

Single-effect External circulating Evaporator

SJN Triple-effect Concentrator

Vacuum Reduced Pressure Concentrating Tank

Double-effect Concentrator

Permeability Capsules Can

Spherical Concentrator

Alcohol Depositing Tank

Multi-functional Hot Reflux Extracting and Concentrating Unit

Multi-functional Alcohol Recycling Concentrator

Single-effect Concentrator

Storage Tank

Vacuum Degassing Tank

Mobile Tank

Dissolving Dank

Agitation Tank

Ingredients Tank

Jacketed kettle

Crystallizing Tank

FZG Series Vacuum Dryer

Spray Drying Tower

Vibration Fluidized Bed

Vacuum Belt Dryer

Vacuum Belt Drier

Plate sterilizer machine


Spray type sterilization cooling tunnel

Pour the bottle machine


Single tank

Double insulation cans

Clip set of tank


Nuclear machine wash

Belt squeezing machine

Net belt has chosen machine

Float wash machine

Scraper conveyor ascension

Scroll bar has chosen machine

Spiral promotion conveyor

Hammer-shape crusher

Blister cleaner

Beating engine

Brush cleaning machine

Alcohol production of complete sets of equipment

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