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Forced Circulation Evaporator
The machine can widely used in the concentration of the glucose, starch sugar, oligose, maltose, sorbierite, milk, jam, juice, vitamin C, maltodextrin and other aqueous solution. And also widely used in liquid waste disposal such as industry field of gourmet powder, alcohol and fishmeal.
Falling Film used for all effects because of higher heat transfer even at low temperature difference between shell side and tube side streams and where scaling/fouling of tubes from liquor is low.
Its outstanding advantage lies in the point that it can fulfill the continuous operation and low temperature concentration of multiple solutions. It saves energy and time with low loss and maximize remain the materials color, fragrance and favor. It can satisfy the continuous production requirements. This product is mainly used in the industries such as food, dairy products, Chinese and Western pharmaceutical, biochemical pharmaceutical, further processing of agricultural and auxiliary products, health drinks, fine chemical, light industry, pro-environment etc.
The TNJM03 evaporator series (three effect falling film evaporator) allowed arranging special process flow according to different feature of material. It can also designed according to customers special requirement.

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