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Spiral promotion machine use rotate spiral, will be administered in the material closed type O casing forward goes on the purpose of the complete material conveying. The material of the transport direction depends on the spiral leaf direction of rotation and the axis of rotation direction.

Spiral promotion machine relative to scrape board to improve equipment, the structure is simple and cross section of small size, sealed performance is good, can be installed more middle material and unloading, safe and convenient operation and manufacturing cost low characteristic. Defect is severe wear parts, throughput, lower power consumption and material in transmission process easy being broken.

Spiral promotion by spiral machine, machine ontology in and out of the material and the drive device mouth composed of three. Screw machine by head, tail ontology bearing bearing, spiral, chassis and base of, some spiral machine because large length, still need to add suspension bearing. Driven by motor and reducer device, pulley and base composition.

Specifications and parameters???






Blade  guide





(T/h) (mm) (Kw)
DHLXJ-25T 20???25 φ500 300 95 XWD5-5.5 1/11 5.5
DHLXJ-30T 25???35 φ550 320
DHLXJ-40T 35???45 φ600 350
DHLXJ-50T 45???55 φ650 380 89 XWD6-7.5-1/11 7.5
DHLXJ-60T 55???65 φ700 400
DHLXJ-70T 65???75 φ750 420



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