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Vacuum Belt Driers
1 capacity:100-1000t/h
2 drying time 30-60min
3 20-100 adjustable
4.good solubility
Application Scope:
Vacuum belt dryer(VBD) is used in drying all kinds of liquid or paste, such as Western medicines, foodstuff , biological products, chemical material, health food, food additive , and etc, especially suitable for drying material which are high-viscosity, easy for mass formation, or thermoplastic ,with thermal sensitivity ,or not be dried/not suitable by means of spray dryer, For these materials ,Vacuum belt dryer is best choice.
Working Principle:
Vacuum belt dryer can accomplish continuous feeding and continuous discharging of material in vacuum state ,turn the traditional static drying to dynamic vacuum drying, reduce traditional drying time from 10-20 hours to 30-60 minutes ,to reach the goal of adjusting drying temperature according to different materials, which solve the problem difficult to spraying drying, and another problem that traditional drying oven spend a long time causing the material. MINJIEs dryer can do what others can not. It cant be compared with other machines in physical property of output product such as color, solubility &storage time.
Equipment Advantage:
Automatic ,channelization ,continuous
Continuous feed-in & discharge in vacuum state
Dry, comminute, granulate in vacuum state
Processing cost is 1/3 of one in traditional technology
Reduce labor cost
Temperature adjusted as material (20°C-150°C)
Moisture content of product can adjusted
Keep heat-sensitive material property & clean
Keep fragrance, good dissolubility
Continuous discharge after 30-60mins,collecting rate reaches 99%
Conquer difficulties on drying all kinds of liquid & solid with high-sticky
Automatic clean(CIP) ,according to GMP requires


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